Why Gwendra?


We Deliver

Gwendra AI was founded by John Jenkin who brings twenty years of technology experience building and running complex and data intensive computer systems. Gwendra AI realise it’s not just about the algorithms. While algorithms and tools are developing quickly, we appreciate the need to leverage broader technology industry best practice to engineer, build and deploy high quality end to end platforms. We also bring extensive project management and software development experience, giving clients the comfort that projects will be delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards.

Bespoke Service

Successful technology projects are the result of a merger between technologists and business domain experts. You know your business and we bring technology and analytics expertise to the table. We collaborate closely with your team, ensuring that your business objectives are at the centre of things.  

Analysis and model development does not always go as anticipated and new ideas, challenges and information come to light through the course of projects. We aim to maintain regular dialogue with key people in your organisation to ensure that there are no surprises along the way and that project objectives are constantly assessed as things  evolve.

Informed Technology Choices

By their very nature our applications and models leverage the latest technologies to provide new, unique solutions. We constantly review the latest published research and developments in tooling and model libraries, keeping abreast of things and spotting technologies as they mature to the point that they are ready for commercial deployment.

At this point we conduct rigorous proof of concepts and deploy technologies in our production platforms to ensure they meet standards for stability, performance and maintainability before utilising in client deployments.