Delivering AI


Gwendra AI is a cutting edge technology company specialising in the commercial application of AI, machine learning and natural language tools. We bring a blend of consultancy and analytics skills coupled with a flexible technology platform lowering the barriers to entry, making AI accessible where it may have previously been out of reach.

Partnering with you, we support the growth in your capabilities helping you confidently achieve real value as you invest.

Our Approach


Valuing long-term partnership with our clients and following a clearly defined methodology, we progressively build capabilities, managing project risks and articulating incremental value as investment commitments increase.



Understanding business strategy and goals, identifying the target objectives for analytics in your organisation.



Leverage the Gwendra AI platform to validate and refine applications of advanced analytics, quantifying ROI and selecting the best targets.



Transformation and scalable deployment of advanced analytics in your organisation or on Gwendra AI platforms.

Working Together


Gwendra AI tailors services and technology to your individual business needs helping your organisation tap into the continuously expanding opportunities afforded by advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We bring a blend of business consultancy, technology delivery and advanced analytics providing a holistic view of how data can add value to your business. We partner, working with you, as you adopt advanced analytics and grow capabilities over time, adding to your organisation’s skills with deep data and technology experience.



At the commencement of engagements, consultants play a key role in working with SMEs to identify opportunities, assisting with digital strategy and identifying ROI for proposals.


Data Science

Data scientists are involved throughout engagements, initially helping analyse data as we identify opportunities. They are then critical for model development and deployment.



Our data engineers and technologists manage the capture and organisation of data in our AI platforms and ensure seamless integration with your infrastructure.


Subject Experts

Your subject matter experts are critical for the success of the project, working closely with Gwendra AI, guiding the requirements and ensuring commercial focus.



Gwendra AI provides bespoke technology solutions customised to your requirements. Typically these implementations leverage the Gwendra AI Accelerators, speeding time to market.

Initial data analysis and model prototyping takes place in our lab environment, deploying production systems in the Gwendra AI scaleable cloud platform.


Gwendra Lab

With our flexible, high-performance computing environment we can quickly consolidate and analyse your data. The flexibility maximises data scientist productivity, so we can rapidly identify opportunities.

Typically we will develop working prototypes in a few weeks enabling early evaluation of ideas.


Gwendra Cloud

Production data and algorithms are deployed as a Software as a Service in the Gwendra AI cloud platform. We leverage the world’s leading cloud provider and also integrate with your platform or data centres if preferred.


Gwendra Accelerators

We have a set of proprietary tools and algorithms that can immediately be configured to speed up data consolidation, processing and application of advanced analytics for your pipelines.

More on Accelerators ->

Human Machine Interaction


Computers learn from data and in the case of advanced analytics, learn very complex patterns, often out performing their human counterparts. However humans maintain the lead for many other cognitive functions, for example making judgments under uncertain circumstances or making analogies given very little data. We believe that careful combination of the comparative advantages of both humans and machines creates the most value. As such our pipelines and algorithms typically blend machine and human capabilities.