Gwendra AI Platform


Gwendra’s  proprietary AI provides bespoke advanced analytics that, combined with your expertise, drives superior results.


Gwendra AI is a cutting edge technology company specialising in the commercial application of AI, machine learning and natural language tools.  Our goal is to help you improve your competitive edge by deploying bespoke advanced analytics to gain insight from your proprietary data resulting in better investment decisions, keener pricing, improved risk management and efficiency.

Working With Us

We partner with our clients providing a bespoke service, approaching projects in three stages:

  1. Initially understanding your business, data, requirements and opportunities for applying AI to produce superior results in your organisation.

  2. Leveraging the Gwendra AI platform to produce proof of concepts, validating ideas, refining analytics and quantifying ROI.

  3. Building out production analytics with the Gwendra AI platform for deployment in your data centre or in the Gwendra AI Cloud.

Once part of your production platform and day to day process, we support your advanced analytics implementation ensuring long term superior results