Looking for a needle in a haystack has never been easier!

We start by monitoring over 100,000 on-line sources, millions of tweets and an ocean of social media data.


Improving marketing spend yield


100,000 on-line sources


tweets . social feeds

Discover what people are saying about your and your competitors’ products and services monitoring sentiment over 100,000 online sources, helping improve marketing spend yieldWorking with a large brand company we monitor over a 100,000 on-line sources and millions of Tweets and other social media feeds finding references to their products and analysing the user and press sentiment associated with key marketing events.


Deep Learning optimises balance sheets and reduces regulatory capital.


deep learning


creating understanding

Working with a large bank we used statistical methods and Deep Learning to help them optimise their balance sheet and reduce regulatory capital.

Uncover value in your legacy documents. Working with a research organisation we used advanced natural language processing and Deep Learning to extract previously inaccessible information and signals from tens of thousands of text-based reports, helping them create new revenue streams from legacy data assets.


Identifying triggers for asset price volatility.


detecting temporal relationships


better risk management

Monitoring millions of documents and messages to detect temporal relationships between news and social media sentiment and asset price volatility. Working with a hedge fund we use Deep Learning discover how to filter news and tweets identifying triggers for asset price volatility, helping them gain better risk management insight.


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