Cognitive Machine Learning 


People often use the terms AI and ML interchangeably. The two are very closely linked as ML provides the backbone for the modern methods that drive AIs. ML algorithms learn extremely complex patterns from data, sometimes giving the impression of human cognitive abilities or ‘intelligence’, however fundamentally serve the function of making predictions from data.

At Gwendra AI we are concerned with the practical application of these technologies. In this context, the models make predictions. Predictions then inform judgement and decisions leading to actions. We consider the full Predictive Analytics process, looking at data, predictive models and the subsequent response and actions.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning improves the capabilities of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technologies and is at the heart of many of our models.  ANNs are inspired by our understanding of how the neurological structures in our brains and visual cortexes work. Recent developments have opened up the capabilities of these models, comprising the biggest breakthrough in ML for years.