Gwendra AI Lab combines cutting edge technology with advanced models, software and high performance computing to help you achieve competitive advantage.

We have a set of accelerators that are used to quickly create tailored end to end analytics for your individual requirements. Accelerators speed up the process of collecting, processing and storing data and rapidly consolidate your proprietary data and third party sources into custom advanced analytics.

Data Science

Leverage the Gwendra AI Lab to apply contemporary data science to analyse data and identify opportunities.

Alternative Data

Access a vast catalogue of alternative sources, bringing information and insight from a broad range of data.


Leverage a number of cutting-edge techniques to discover how customers really feel about your products or events.


Cognitive ML

Leverage our neural networks to gain deep understanding and insight with complex models that learn from data.

Proprietary Data

Your proprietary data is your advantage. Gwendra has specialised tools to help unlock its value.

Natural Language

Gain understanding from natural language sources by systematically extracting information from vast amounts of text and documentation.