Unlocking data and analytics to help you make better decisions.

What others see as minor or inconsequential, we see as your competitive edge. At Gwendra we analyse and identify opportunities, then build out and maintain analytics over the long haul.


Some call it rocket science, we call it a collaborative partnership.

At Gwendra we believe long term partnerships generate opportunities that create unexpected and successful outcomes.


Access alternative information by utilising your existing data, systems and processes.

At Gwendra, we tailor every solution based on your need, your existing data and your systems and processes.


Low down information that’s simply connected and simply brilliant.

At Gwendra, we wrap everything into one service that connects analysis, analytics and technology whilst leveraging a network of trusted partners and proven technology providers.


Detail for the sake of quality, not quantity.

At Gwendra we build solutions based on intelligence: the devil is in the detail.